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To facilitate ultra-secure, high-frequency Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) transactions. We’re reinventing validation on the DLT’s aka the blockchain. Our patented biological Proof-of-Identity (bPOI) on the DLT framework – is secure, smart, and easy-to-use with any DLT platform. This framework promises to completely disrupt the way DLT validation is done. Immutable Identities IFAM (Identities for All Mankind) set-up a network of bGN’s (biological Genesis Nodes) aka Masternodes that provides the fastest, most secure, and scalable transactions possible on any network. This will provide the first opportunity for a truly usable corporate utility token, and provide developers a scalable off-the-shelf (DLaaS) Distribute Ledger as a Service, solution.

Watch Video Explanation of Lisk ; a foundation of CryptoGenomics utility tokens

What is CryptoGenomics?

CryptoGenomics? It is a biologically based personal identity framework that can allow Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT’s) platforms to build bGN’s (biological Genesis Nodes) aka “master node” networks that can validate transaction on the blockchain faster and more accurately than any consensus proofing protocol. While existing solutions offer to solve proofing via Proof-of-Work (POW) and Proof-of-Stake fundamentally these are Proof-of-Identity protocols and have many flaws including computational consolidation that could result in 51% attacks, slow transaction times. Our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use Proof-of-Identity framework, based on biological and genomic data that make everyone a bGN or “master node” on a peer-to-peer network, thus creating their own on private blockchain authentication system. This distribution of bGN identity nodes allows accurate consensus to constantly take place. When completed it will be completely quantum resistant, provide built-in digital arbitration, and will include easy cryptocurrency exchange integration.

Our aim is to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified DLT ecosystem. This will allow all DLT based business data to be truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

The CryptoGenomics App APPS

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can be a bGN “master node” for any blockchain network. Anyone with an Identity wallet can smartphone and an internet connection can participate in a global block validation marketplace.

Imagine a wallet accessible on any platform that could validate any token making it possible to mine/validate most crypto-currencies based on this new biologically verified Proof-of-Identity masternode framework.  This framework creates a wrapper for transactions, that can generate an ultra-secure peer to peer consensus including but not limited to:

  • Proof-of-Identity processing
  • Simple wallet configuration
  • bGN “Master node” status
  • Built-in Baas Network
  • Quantum Resistant

Open Source Release Open Source

The CryptoGenomics data validation utility will be released on with a foundation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT’s) platform. It’s capabilities will be extended by open source and third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, will not be interoperable initially. Our hope is to provide a network of DLT services that provides easy-to-use integration in the future.


Sept 8, 2020 (9:00AM GMT)

Data Validation

CYG bPOI Nodes (validation efficiency 9%)


No end date

Utility Validation Reward

Block validations increase transactions speed for users

Data Validation Requirement

bPOI wallet

Minimum Transaction Stake

Qualified Identity

Sign-up to test Validate Data
Join & and Validate

Peer Review

Investment Strategy


February 2019

Start CryptoGenomics Platform Development.

April 2019

Start official to peer review with select universities

June 2018

Light-paper released following peer review

September 2019

White paper released for peer review

January 2020

Our team set-up and commercial preparation

April 2020

DLT usage announcement for global Network

May 2020

Priority opening for first data transactions

June 2020

Partnership for the future EcoSystem

August 2020

IFAM validation Released

September 2020

Open Source Released & Press Tour

October 2020

First deep learning clusters released

December 2020

Knowledge Marketplace Opens

Powered by a Team TEAM

The CryptoGenomics Team combines a patented new technology with a transformational vision for blockchain validation. The team brings industry expertise & proven record in life science, finance, development, marketing,  and IP licensing.

Rick White
Founder, Chief Research & Innovation Officer
Jason Cook
CBO & Senior Developer
Marc Raiser
DLT App Lead


Kevin Irlen
Board Advisor
Alex Baylon
Board Advisor
Yuchen Zhang
Board Advisor
Dr. Xiaoyan Sheng
Board Advisor


Our Heroes

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided answers to Frequently Asked Questions about of CryptoGenomics, CYG Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others global share and share alike notions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

CryptoGenomics (CYG) - is the first fully patented biological Proof of Identity (bPOI) framework, it can allow any private or public networked Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platforms to incorporate a masternode Identity fork or sidechain to accelerate transactions. bPOI puts the implicit, immutable trust into "trustful" blockchain platforms allowing Distributed Ledger Technology to be offered as a Service (DLaas), and forever disrupting the way DLT's aka blockchain data frameworks transact.

CYG - Watch for calendar and sign-up for the application release notification! The response has been overwhelming so your patience is appreciated. Please know that we are working to build a framework that will be the foundation for all citizens of the World to share in the abundance of new global data structure that is the promise of the Distributed Ledger Technology.

Initially, CYG will be based on DLT strategies leveraging POI to validate all data transactions so having an identity wallet will be very familiar. With this identity wallet CYG members will act as a masternode network DAGs and the data validation will allow labeled, normalized data to be generated on the internet's data layer in a peer to peer fashion. The evolution of this validation will initially be simple data validators, the Original Master Identity Nodes, after the baseline of the Master Identity Nodes (MINs) are established the balance data validation will distributed to any number of devices identitified under the centeral BPOI.

Participants should recognize that validation is the most important way of managing the quality, accuracy, and use of information being stored. This mechanism is vital to human relevance in the knowledge economy of the future please help us build it for each other.

No- this is unique DLT platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way that data will be validated and stored in the future.

We do not know they are not tied to the company in any way. Any value that is generated is solely established by market forces, that we can effect in any way.

No, we are building a mechanism to ensure humans play a part in validating data now and forever. This is the opposite of a capitalistic greed play.

This is being built on a combination of existing Distributed Ledger Technologies. The foundatin is based on POS consensus rules. The masternode will be similar to POS masternode systems but rather than monetary stake users will require to provide a biological stake. Once users are active nodes in the system their validation activities will generate reward tokens for each user. CryptoGenomics utility token distribution will be enforced by this biological identity network.

CYG - is the first fully patented biological Proof of Identity(POI) framework, thus allowing any blockchain platform to incorporate a masternode Identity fork to accelerate transactions. bPOI puts the implicit, immutable trust into "trustful" DLT platforms allowing Distributed Ledger Technology to be offered as a Service (DLaaS), and forever disrupting the way data is validated, transacted, and monetized.

Some aspects of the transactions may be inforced by POW initially.

We will ultimately require biologic proof of identity for all validators. This mean that not only confirmation that you are an organic entity but this security will be reinforced by you connections to other biological entities in the system.

It is our intention to a system that is not only quantum resistant but AI resistant to the highest degree that technology can achieve


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